Sunday, June 24, 2012

Scoop & Snoop -WHIS

In the area where I live near the NC,VA border,we were able to receive WHIS 6  from Bluefield,West Virginia. Scoop and Snoop would sit in their rocking chairs and were host to a variety of movies and tv shows over the years. My brothers and I would watch especially on the days they were featuring a Roy Rogers movie. The ad is from January 1967.


  1. What a delight to find this!!! Snoop was my daughter's grandfather, and it's been so hard to find info on his tv and radio show. THANKS!

  2. Hi Sandy,I appreciate the comment.I hope to find more stuff like this to post here in the future.Stay tuned.

  3. I remember their show fondly and was lucky enough to be on the show once, back when they had kids on as guests, just the way Howdy Doody did, though only six or eight kids at a time.

    Local programing was very good at the time. There was a daytime show for women called, I think, "Woman's World," and I also remember the late Saturday night news broadcast with Jim Dalton, if I'm remembering the name correctly. There was also Tiny Thompson and Mel Barnett. WHIS also had live broadcasts of country and western musicians from the theater that I believe was in their building in Bluefield.

    I always thought Bluefield was a big city (still do). Big enough to have a parking garage!